About Us

School Introduction学校简介


雅加达培育三语学校(Sekolah Dharma Bangsa)由印尼Santoso 华人基金会于2006年创办成立,坐落于雅加达市西部,是一所全日制国际三语学校,设有幼儿部和小学部,分为“国际三语班”和“中国国际班”,招收2-12岁学生。



School Introduction:

Sekolah Dharma Bangsa was founded in 2006 by the Santoso Foundation in Indonesia. Located in the west of Jakarta, it is a full-time international trilingual school with Kindergarten Department and Primary Department, for children 2-12 years old. We offer two programs: “International Trilingual Class” and “Chinese International Class”.

The school has a land area of 4,500 square meters, construction area of 16,000 square meters, which can accommodate 700 students. The main facilities: Multimedia Classrooms, Computer Room, Laboratories, Li Pei Library, Painting and Calligraphy Room, Dancing Room, Multi-Function Hall, Sleeping Room, Canteen, Indoor  Activities Room, Outdoor Sports Field, Music classroom, First Aid Room, etc.



Vision & Mission办学宗旨和使命




1.     基于佛教的教义,创造有爱心、和谐的学习环境。

2.     给予学生可持续性的教育和先进的技术,培养他们成为未来之领袖

3.     鼓励学生有崇高的思想品德,激发学生实现高尚的目标,为社会做贡献。



We prepare our graduates with wisdom, knowledge, and technology with good characters to contribute to the people and the nation.


  1. We create learning environment based on compassion and spiritual awareness according to the Buddha’s teaching.
  2. We provide students with sustainable education and technology to become future leaders.
  3. We motivate students to have high learning spirit for achieving their goals to contribute to the society.