Shanghai Yucai Junior Highschool

Shanghai Yucai High School Introduction


  • 学校创建1901年,草创之初以“中西并包,汉英兼采”的课程和教学为特色,育才学子的英语水平在当时的上海无出其右。
    Yucai High School was established in 1901, when it adopted “Combination of the East & the West, Chinese & English” as its specialty. It was considered the best school in Shanghai especially for the high level of English education. 
  • In 1953年,上海市人民政府于首批命名其为上海市重点中学 In 1953, Shanghai Municipal People’s Government  for the first time recognize “Top High Schools”, and Yucai was one of the schools on the Top List.
  • 著名教育家段力佩先生出任校长后,学校始终坚持教育改革,一百年来,更是以高质量教学水平在上海产生很大影响并蜚声海内外 After famous educator Mr. Duan Lipei later became principal , the school has always adhere to the education reform . In more than a hundred years, with its high-quality teaching standards, Yucai has a significant impact in Shanghai education reform, and renowned both in China and abroad.
  • 上海市育才初级中学的校园官网:School Website :


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School Spirit: Diligent, Practical, Innovation, Truth-seeking